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Visit an art exhibition, museum, or gallery (in person) to analyze the varying qualities of different two-dimensional, three-dimensional, hand-manipulated, or mechanically manipulated media. Write an evaluation of the experience and cite specific works with a description of its respective medium. Incorporate what you’ve learned from the chapters on various media to explain how the object was made. Include vocabulary from the book. For example, when analyzing a sculpture include whether or not it is freestanding or relief, or if it was made in an additive, subtractive or substitution process. Explain the process. Are tool marks present? Etc…. If you’re looking at a painting, how do you think the paint was layered? Was there an underpainting with glazes applied to the top? Was it painted in thick impasto? Etc… Photography: Was it digitally manipulated? Were colors enhanced or changed? Etc… These are just some examples. Just be sure to thoroughly explain the process by which the object was made. Include the date and museum or gallery that you visited. You are required to LEAVE YOUR COMPUTER FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT!!!! Get out and see some real art!!! Reflecting upon a previous experience is not acceptable for this assignment. You are required to have a new experience visiting a gallery or museum. Hopefully, you will experience the objects differently since you have learned a great deal about visual elements, design, criticism, and materials and techniques. That’s the goal and that’s what this journal entry should evidence. Describe at least two works of art in detail with a special focus on the handling of media.

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