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Real-Time Business Scenario Activity

Critical thinking, reasoning abilities, and content specific competencies are essential skillsets for business leaders. The ethical application of these skillsets to business principles in a 21st century globalized economy are essential to all professionals and as such, are part of the program objectives for graduate business education.

Graduate Business Learners should gain a broad view of organizational performance factors from the general management perspective. Activities are designed to develop the skills needed for effective leadership and management in the 21st century globalized business economy. These skills promote and integrate program outcomes and include decision-making, strategic management, creativity and innovation, leadership, problem-solving, and real-time business application. Activities will also develop research and writing skills that accompany high level responsibility in the academic and business environments. These skill sets will empower business managers, executives, and leaders to perform in a dynamic environment where market expansion is global. Excellence in these areas are essential to organizational viability and will allow Learners to add value to their respective firms and to grow both personally and professionally.

The application of concepts learned is a very important aspect to the CalSouthern learning model. Through practical experience and research, it provides the opportunity for graduate level business learners to understand how business integrates these concepts and closes the loop on what is learned to competitive advantage.

The first part of your assignment is to choose a topic from the assigned readings that can be related tobusiness operations in general, and present a summary. Your summary should demonstrate your understand of the major concepts as they relate to the learning objectives and course material.

Subsequent to your summary and working with your chosen topic, use your textbook, articles, journals, and the Internet, and present the topic as it is applied in a real-time business scenario (within 1 year). Your analysis should include how it benefited the organization, solved a business problem, and/or added value to the firm.

Please follow the Essay Format listed in resources, under additional resources. All assignments must be in APA 6th ed. format.

Assignment Outcomes
Solve communication issues and plan for managing stress
Demonstrate ethical behavior in regard to information and information technology
Analyze and evaluate your overall comprehension of the course relative to a broad-based evaluation of your understanding of the course concepts

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