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Scenario #3:
The Situation: On one hot sunny morning with mid day temperatures already climbing into the ‘80’s one of your front-end loader operators is making his normal rounds and stops by a local motel to service the dumpster. He stops his truck and gets out and opens the dumpster enclosure. When he does he notices that the motel’s kitchen is still leaving their used kitchen grease container within the confines of the dumpster enclosure. This time the 275 gallon grease container is fairly close to the dumpster, but the driver figures he can dump the container without striking the grease container, but it will be close.
The driver gets back into the truck and starts it up just as he receives a call on his cell phone. It’s his live-in girlfriend who wishes to continue last nights fight. The ensuing agreement distracts the driver long enough to cause him to catch a corner of the kitchen grease container spilling approximately 210 gallons (the container was approximately 75% full at the time of the incident) of used kitchen grease all over the asphalt.
The Questions:
What are the immediate actions of the driver?

Does the kitchen grease need to be cleaned up and if so, how?

Are the motel owner/operators incorrect by storing the grease in the dumpster enclosure? If so, what should have been done to correct it?

Will the used kitchen grease damage the asphalt?

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