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1-Examine a scene from Horse Boy using the critical lens of social construction and answer the following question. What is the individual’s place in society?
2-Examine ONE difference between Ai Wei-Wei and Banksy and answer this question—What is Art? Think about where, when, and why they produce art.
3- Use the critical lens of ecocriticism and examine one design element of The Book of Kells. Answer this question: What is the place of the human being in the nature
of things?
4- Use social construction to explore how Temple Grandin’s notion of SEEKING influences the behavior of Rowan’s parents in Horse Boy. Choose a “big question” from our

5- Use ecocriticism to examine Ai Wei Wei’s Sunflower Seed exhibit. Answer this question: How is beauty created by human beings?

6-Choose one of Ai Wei Wei’s art pieces, choose one critical lens, and use that lens to answer a question of your choice from our syllabus.
7.Examine this work by Banksy using one of our critical lens (your choice) to answer this question: What is a human being?


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