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Academic help online
1) Wind Chill Temperature.Because wind enhances the loss of heat from the skin, we feel colder when there is wind than when there is not. Thewind chill temperature is what the temperature would have to be with no wind in order to give the same chilling effect as with the wind. A formula for finding the wind chill temperature is , where Tis the actual temperature given by a thermometer, in degrees Fahrenheit, and vis the wind speed, in miles per hour.

* Use a calculator to find the wind chill temperature in each case. Show your work.

Round to the nearest degree.



2)Speed of a Skidding Car.After an accident, how do police determine the speed at which the car had been traveling? The formulacan be used to approximate the speed r, in miles per hour, of a car that has left a skid mark of length L, in feet.

a) Solve this equation for L. Describe your steps.

b) How far will a person skid if they are driving 50mph? 90mph?

c) The skid mark at an accident scene was 200 feet long. How fast was the person travelling? Do you suppose that they were speeding? Explain why or why not.
Academic help online

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