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MAC1105 Discussion Assignment 2: Solving QuadraticEquations

The purpose of this assignment is to recognize and apply the different methods for solving quadratic equations.

Use the Discussions Link in Falcon Online to Complete Steps 1, 2, and 3

Step 1: Choose a method, covered in Section 1.5 of the textbook, (factoring,square root property, completing the square, and the quadratic formula) to solveeach of the following quadratic equations. Each method can be used only ONCE.

A) 4×2 – 27 = 0
B) 4×2 – 8x – 5 = 0
C) 4×2 – 8x – 12 = 0
D) 4×2 – 9x – 7 = 0
You may solve the equation if that clarifies which method should be used,but the solutions and answers should not be typed into the Discussion Board or submitted to the Dropbox.

Step 2: In a posting to the Discussion Board in Falcon Online, explain thesolution method you chose for each equation and why you chose it. Refer to each equation by letter when stating the solution method. It is not necessary topost the solutions and answers. The posting should be written with complete sentences and proper grammar. The following explanation is not an acceptablepart of the posting: “This was the last method left.”

Step 3: Next, read at least two original posts by other students. After reading atleast two other original posts, reply to one other original post with acorrection/addition that enhances the explanation.

Use the Dropbox Link in Falcon Online to Complete Steps 4 and 5

Step 4: Use the Equation Editor in MS Word to type a document showing thecomplete solution
(all steps) and correct answer to both of the following problems
The document should be saved in .docx, .doc, .pdf, or .rtf format.

Step 5: Submit the document to Dropbox Assignment 2 before the deadline.

Grading criteria: The assignment is worth a total of 10 points.
The discussion board posting is worth up to 4 points.
The reply is worth 1 point
The Dropbox submission is worth up to 5 points.

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