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I chose breast cancer
address the following questions:

(1). What is the cause of this type of cancer? Please give at least one example from the signaling transduction pathways or signaling molecules we have learned in this course to show how these pathways or molecules involve in the tumor formation for this type of cancer.

(2). Can this type of cancer be diagnosed early? How? If there is no early diagnosis technology available for it, please propose a strategy for developing one

(3). What are the therapeutic options available for this type of cancer? Please also give brief description for the mechanism of each option. If there is no therapeutic option available for this type of cancer, please propose a strategy for developing one.

The presentation should be prepared as a “one-hour talk”. You should be able to address all the questions with 30 to 40 slides. You must do the research solely on your own and post it in a power point format in the class presentation area.

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