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This project is about my visit in San Francisco as a tourist. I have to write about what I have been doing and visiting in San Francisco for seven days. Each day should cover one page of this project, so 7 days 7 pages. Please tell us little bit about the history of the San Francisco in the Introduction. (very important)- Things that I did in San Francisco should be about what I ate daily and in what kind of restaurants I ate my food.-(don’t overuse info) What hotel I stayed in? It must be about visiting beautiful and known places, such as Golden Bridge, restaurants, sea, beaches, parks, and especially attractions and etc…Tell us how beautiful the city and how warm the weather was. Please do not write about going to night clubs and having that kind of fun. It has to be about tourism traveling and visiting famous places in San Francisco. You have to complete this assignment not as you would do so if you travel to San Francisco, but as me daily visiting beautiful places when I was in San Francisco. This essay must have introduction body paragraphs and conclusion at the end. If this going to help, I am a girl, so you know in which way it supposed to be done. Please do not be very professional but at the same time I need very creative job. If you have any questions please contact me. Thank You.

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