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Movie Review of Soylent Green
(remember: reflective question on the back)
1. What Hampton Roads city is mentioned in this film and why?
2. What is “furniture” in this film?
3. What would be a special treat?
4. What happens on Tuesday in this film?
5. What is a “sanitation squad”?
6. What were the Soylent Green reports (the big books)? And why were they
7. Where is inventory kept?
8. Where are trees located?
9. Why was the priest so disturbed?
10. Why are they trying to kill Thorn? (Heston, the cop)
11. Why does Saul “go home?”
12. Reflective question: (one page) What are your thoughts about this movie? In
other words, how probable is this type of world and have you noticed any changes
in your lifetime? What are your thoughts on the handouts that discuss the rapid
growth of dead zones and global re-engineering.

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