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One of your personnel discovers containers placed in the wood line at the edge of your facilities property. The containers (3-55 gallon drums and some old 5-gallon paint pails containing some dried and some still wet latex paint; in addition there are several cans that are labeled as solvent based paint) are too old to determine the rightful owner or the contents within. One 55 gallon drum is sealed yet it appears to be “bulging”. The other one has no more than one inch of residue remaining on the bottom. The third 55 gallon drum is labelled “mirror backing paint – contains lead pigment”. It’s outside condition is good, but it appears to be almost 50% full.
1.Short answer essay questions for Scenario #2

For the one 55-gallon drum that is open, according to RCRA is it empty? Provide the regulatory citation (section) for your response.
2. Short answer essay questions for Scenario #2

What should be done with the bulging 55 gallon container and the mirror back paint drum?
3.Short answer essay questions for Scenario #2

What should be done with the old paint cans – the latex and solvent based cans

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