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Analysis and Use of the Management Cycle
For this Project you are required to analyze the six components of the management cycle as applied to a given goal and
objective. The paper should conform to APA requirements and format. This paper should have a cover page, three pages
of text, and a reference page.
Text font and size are to be Times New Roman, 12pt., and margin settings should be one inch for all sides. Your paper
should be double-spaced. Proper grammar and spelling are expected as well as this is a professional college-level paper.

Topic of analysis: The population of your community has grown considerably during the past decade, and the demand for
additional emergency medical services (EMS) has increased accordingly. Presently, the fire department has one
paramedic ambulance unit (PAU) staffed 24/7 by full-time paramedics who do not participate in fire suppression
operations except as fire ground EMS and rehab personnel.
The mayor has asked the fire chief to analyze the feasibility of adding a second full-time PAU to the community fire
department. Because you have taken a number of college-level fire science courses while earning a degree from an online university, the chief asks you to research and write a paper that either supports or rejects the mayor’s assessment
that a second PAU is needed.

Write a paper that addresses each of the six components, providing sufficient analysis and composition that reflects a
professional level response. Remember that each of the six components must be addressed in response to the mayor’s
goal and objective so that your paper either supports or rejects the request.

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