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NHSTA Early Estimates of Fatalities for 2009
1. How has the occurrence of traffic-related fatalities changed since 2005?
2. What is the relationship that exists between the change in traffic-related fatalities that occurred for calendar years 2008 and 2009, and also the change in the number of vehicle miles traveled for the same years? Present at least three valid reasons why you think these changes occurred.
1. For 2007, 2008 and (projected for 2009), what months typically experience the highest and lowest number of fatal crashes? What are three factors that might contribute to the monthly increase or decline in fatal crashes?
2. What problems could interfere with the quality of the data that is presented in this document? How can this relate to the quality and subsequent analysis of loss-related data in a fleet operation?
3. What general measurement is incorporated into the equation that yields a “loss rate” which makes it a preferred means) of quantifying traffic-oriented loss, rather than simply using a loss total? You can also reference the following website to assist with answering this question:
2009 Traffic Safety Facts Annual FARS/GES Report
Factors Related to Passenger Vehicle Occupant Ejection
1. What data emphasizes the increased risk of injury/fatality for not utilizing a vehicle restraint system?
2. Why is it that vehicle occupant restraint system use still isn’t close to 90% for the United States?
3. What types of challenges would deficient restraint system use present to a fleet risk manager?
4. Regarding the Chapter 2 crash analysis summary section, discuss at least three risk factors that a fleet operation would typically be posed with.
National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey Report to Congress
1. As presented within the executive summary of this document, what critical pre-crash events were found to be routinely present during motor vehicle crashes?
2. What various reasons are given for the occurrence of the above critical pre-crash events? What one thing do all of these reasons have in common?
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