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LEED & USGBC: Sustainability in the Civil Engineering Profession

1) Choose a unique article (from a newspaper, magazine, trade publication, research journal, etc. that you personally identify and obtain) that discusses the issue of sustainability in the Civil Engineering profession. This cannot be a source provided to you by an instructor, an article you have already read to fulfill another assignment, or a source associated with #2 and #3 below. Write a short reflective statement (approximately one page) on the article that includes a brief summary of content, why you picked the article, and why it’s relevant to our profession. You need to submit a hard copy of the article in addition to the one page reflective statement. Be prepared to lead a discussion on the project in class.

2) Visit the USGBC website ( and answer the following questions:

a. Define the acronyms LEED and USGBC.

b. What does LEED measure? (hint: there are nine possible categories)

c. What are all of the LEED Rating Systems? Just list them.

d. Summarize the LEED 2009 New Construction System including how many points are available in each category, what are pre-requisites for certification, and what are points required for different levels of certification?

e. Pick one Project Profile from the LEED Project Case Study database and write a brief discussion on what features of the project you found to be the most interesting (personally and professionally). Please print a copy of the Project Profile and submit along with your assignment. Be prepared to lead a discussion on the project in class.

3) Review the Conservation in Development booklet posted in Blackboard and write a one-page memo to your boss (a hypothetical boss) on the issues presented in the booklet and why your company (a hypothetical company) should consider embracing these techniques and educating your clients on these options.

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