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Brief Introduction:

At recent time, both high and small technology firms are faced with the challenge of surviving in this dynamic and fast changing economy. Most organisations are influenced by occurrences associated with information and communication technology, globalization, industrialization, and innovation. The difficulty of surviving in such economical system and its principle, which deals with future uncertainty and constant change in value (Probst and Buchel, 1997), is becoming an issue to worry about.

How can organisations therefore survive and remain competitive in this present economic system? With survival, existence and increase been the motivation of most firms, organisations take up necessary actions in their field of operation. In an attempt to increase business sales some firms adopt marketing strategies, open innovation, merger, and acquisition. This however in recent time has proved to be a short term strategy and a strategy of sustainability in a competitive environment. It is therefore important for firms to move beyond the strategy of sustainability and imbibe organisational learning, as according to Pak (2007), when firms capitalize on organisational learning, they continuously improve in changing conditions, which tends to have a long term advantage as it continuously gives them an edge over present and upcoming competitions. Peter Drucker further stated Knowledge is dominant and the key to economic resource, and perhaps an edge to comparative advantage (Revilla, et al., 2012) .

Requirement (3000words).

Come up with research objectives

research questions

Position of the research

literature review

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