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vGroupware applications are specifically designed to allow a number of different individuals to access common data, obligations, and other resources in pursuit of common tasks and goals. Usually these applications are deployed only within an organization, although sometimes individuals from outside the organization are also given access. It is clear that the process of implementing groupware is rather more complicated than just buying software and installing it on a number of machines; using groupware turns out to be a social problem far more than it is a technical problem.
You can start reading about groupware as these articles describe some of the complexities of getting groupware used by real users.
There are also further references in the background information, including a couple of presentations that you may find useful in setting a context for this case. You may also wish to search for some additional information on your own.
Assignment Expectations
After reading the course materials, prepare a paper discussing the following topic.
Discuss the present state of groupware implementation in your organization
As you prepare your paper, you’ll probably want to think about the kind of work that you do, the kind of work that your colleagues do, and what you know from the readings about information processing systems in general and what kinds of work groupware is best at supporting. You’ll probably also want to think about how much trouble it is to change things in your organization in any event, about the kind of supervisory climate and environment you work in, about the kind of resources you have available to you, and about the kinds of demands being made upon you for day-to-day performance. The readings are to give you some information about how other people have dealt with groupware; it’s up to you to apply this information to your own settings and come to some conclusions.
Length: Minimum 3–5 pages excluding cover page and references (since a page is about 300 words, this is approximately 900 –1,500 words).

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