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Rework Prob. 3–57 for the case of an adaptive delta modulator where the step size is selected according to the number of successive binary 1’s or 0’s on the DM output. Assume that the step size is 1.5 V when there are four or more binary digits of the same sign, 1 V for the case of three successive digits, and 0.5 V for the case of two or fewer successive digits.
Prob. 3–57
Assume that the input to a DM is 0.1t8 – 5t + 2. The step size of the DM is 1 V, and the sampler operates at 10 samples/s. Sketch the input waveform, the delta modulator output, and the integrator output over a time interval of 0 to 2 s. Denote the granular noise and slope overload regions.

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