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Your management has had a chance to review the ERD that you are proposing and like the progress show so far. However, they are concerned about duplicate data and how the current system can ensure that data is kept in sync. After all, previously they had 2 different applications and you have convinced them that one is best, but how can this single application prevent people from needing to still make changes to data twice.

For this discussion board describe Normalization and how it can be used to solve insert, update and delete anomalies.

include the following details:

-A definition and purpose of Normalization.
-Describe the requirements for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Normal Form.
-Explain how 3rd Normal Form can reduce insert, update and delete anomalies.

Now that the ERD is completed, You and the project team are anxious to create the database and setup the tables. Before that step you remind everyone that the 2nd phase in the Database development process has not been completed yet. You still need to create the Logical Data Model and check the model against 3rd Normal Form. For this Individual Project convert your ERD into a Logical Data Model that is in 3NF.

The deliverables for this task are:

Logical Data Model analyzed and converted to 3NF Describe how each table meets 1NF, 2NF and 3NF, if you need to remove any issues to move to the next higher NF describe what the issue is and how you resolved it. Properly Identify all Primary (Use Solid Underlines) and Foreign Keys (Use Dotted Underlines)

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