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The essays will be 2-3 pages long, typed, in Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced, under the normal page margins.

In your short essay, focus on one or two (maybe three the most) things from the reading that really resonate with you, and offer comments and reflections, raise questions, express disagreements, offer extensions, find applications, etc. Give accurate but succinct summary of the points from the reading with just a few sentences; the majority of your essay should be about your own responses to the reading.

Here are the 5 assignments with the pages included on what you will be covering. If for any instance the title and name that goes above the paper is separated/ enter key is clicked more than twice along with work beingspaced out more than indicated, for example such as using a different font, tampering the margins, etc. AND if the work is turned in late I WILL NOT PAY as the task will be forfeited.
The book you will be using is this one, which can be found on google for free within the preview section:
Happiness and the Christian Moral Life: An Introduction to Christian Ethics (2012), 2nd Edition, by Paul J. Wadell

Here are the 5 assignments:

Introduction: Read & Reflect off of pages 1-6
Augustine: Read & Reflect off of pages 6-14
Creatures: Read & Reflect off of pages 105-112
In the Image of god: Read & Reflect off of pages 112-115 , 118
Called to do the work of god: Read & Reflect off of pages 118-122

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