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Write a 2-3 page paper on Girl in Hyacinth Blue. As with your other paper, use MLA format and use third person point of view only ( no, first or second person – this means no “I ” or “you”) Also, make sure your introduction introduces the novella and provides a brief overview description of the novella. Your last sentence of your introductory paragraph needs to be your thesis. You must underline your thesis sentence ( or you can bold it). Your paper body needs to prove your thesis and you also need to provide a concluding paragraph.

As with all of your writing this quarter, I will be looking for correct grammar and punctuation and clarity of expression. Remember that titles of books need to be italicized. Titles of short stories are enclosed in quotation marks. I will fail a paper that uses texting lingo.I will also fail a paper that does not follow my instructions.


On page 226, Magdalena muses, “ She had longings no one in the family knew. NO one would ever know them, she thought, unless perhaps a soul would read her face or she herself would have soul enough to speak of them.” At the end of the story, she thinks again, “ [About all the people looking at the paintings]…their eyes, the particular turn of a head, their loneliness or suffering or grief was borrowed by an artist to be seen by other people throughout the years who would never see them face to face. People who would be that close to her, she thought, a matter of a few arms’ length, looking, looking, and they would never know her. “

Pick two stories from the book and show how Magdalene’s statements are wrong. ( I.E., show how the painting made a difference to people in two of the stories). In this option, your thesis sentence needs to include both works you are referencing.


Discuss the relationship between the artist and the viewer of the art and why each is necessary for the other to give value and meaning to the art. Reference specific examples from the text for support. Remember you are writing a paper about the novella, so your examples need to be from the text.


Using the epigraph at the beginning of the text, the verse from Keats, write a paper in which you discuss the relationship of art to both the temporal and to the eternal.

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