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Application: Virtue Ethics and Ethical Egoism

As you participated in the Discussion this week, were you surprised by some of the actions you and your co-learners said you might perform if no one could see you doing them? What might Plato say about your Discussion based on the perspective he presents in the ring of Gyges myth regarding what motivates men to do good?
For your Application, you extend your Discussion by going beyond describing what actions you might perform to explaining whether or not, according to virtue ethics, you would be morally justified in performing them. In addition, you explain whether a virtue egoist would take a similar position.
To prepare for this Assignment:
Read Chapters 3, 8, 9, and the appendix in the course text. Think about how a virtue ethicist and an ethical egoist would react if given Gyges’s ring.
The Assignment:
Write a 2-page paper in which you take the position of a virtue ethicist and explain whether you would be morally justified to use the ring of Gyges for your own benefit.
Then, explain whether a virtual ethicist and an ethical egoist would take the same position on this topic.
Use the Ethical Analysis Tool to guide your analysis.
Support your use of evidence in the assignment with references to the week’s readings. In the essay, practice APA style for your in-text citations.

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