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4.4 Team Project #2 Due in Week 4

Project #2- What constitutes the criminal offense of Identify theft? How prevalent is it in today’s society? What has been the US Government’s response to this crime? How can the average citizen protect their self from this crime?

The format of the paper and references must follow the most recent edition of APA. I have posted for you a sample APA Paper in the Class Materials Forum to help you in proper APA format. It would be a good idea to view this paper and print it out as it contains valuable information that will help you prepare APA format papers. The paper should be 800-1050 (2-3 Pages) in length

Each Team will assign a member to submit this by Monday, Day 7 of Week 4 to the Assignment Section.

Teams should use our text as the main reference source for this assignment. Use of the “Web Extras” Internet Fraud Complain

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