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The final step in developing the Network Design and Configuration document is to plan for the protection of the data with a solid backup policy. This is an area that is often overlooked in the design, but it can be critical in the event of hardware failure.

You will also further refine the work that you have done in the previous steps to produce your final document for the project. The project deliverables include the following: Update the Network Design and Configuration document title page with a new date and

project name. Create the Backup and Recovery section, and include the following: Describe the backup policy that you plan to use for the network data. Include the backup schedule, target backup device, storage requirements, and provisions for off-site storage.

Identify the backup software that will be used and how it will be configured. Describe the steps that are required if a data recovery is necessary. The final version of the Network Design and Configuration document should include the following: Review the entire document for any changes and improvements that you would like to make. Ensure that this final version of the design document is sufficiently detailed to allow IT personnel to move forward with the implementation phase. Be sure to update your table of contents before submission.

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