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Assignment: Police Discretion
Police discretion is essential to the success of the individual officer. Discretion determines the officer’s actions and modes of responsibility. Review pp. 120–123 of Introduction to Policing.

Read the Use of Force scenario in Appendix C.
Review the Electronic Reserve Readings, “FBI Training on the New Federal Deadly Force Policy” and “Deadly force in Defense of Life,” found on the student Web site.
Write a 350- to 700-word response in which you evaluate the officer’s use of discretion by answering the following:
Define discretion in your own words.
Explain why discretion is exercised in your own words.
Identify how the officer exercised discretion in the scenario. Use p.120 of your text as a resource.
Identify the factors influencing the officer’s discretion.
In your opinion, did the officer use the appropriate course of action based on the principles of police discretion described in the text? Explain your answer.
Explain how discretion is controlled. What strategies may be implemented to ensure appropriate use of discretion?
Format your response according to APA standards.
Post your response in the Assignments section

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