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1: Discuss the social, political, legal, and technological challenges that face organizations in today’s changing environment. Why do these challenges call for new leadership roles in organizations? How do these challenges affect your organization? How is the leadership of your organization responding to these challenges and potentially different roles and responsibilities? How are you responding to these challenges and the potentially different role that you may need to assume within your organization? What are the new paradigms driving organizations in today’s environment? When identifying new paradigms, compare and contrast to the old operating paradigms that leaders have promulgated in their organizations. What changes needs to occur within the leadership and throughout the organization to ensure that your organization can meet the challenges in today’s environment? What changes must you personally make to become a more effective leader in this environmental context?

2: Discuss your own definition of leadership and the qualities of a good leader. Support your selection of a definition and qualities with examples from your personal experience. Analyze the qualities that you think make a good leader and suggest ways of inculcating these qualities. Provide rationale to support your beliefs on what qualities make a good leader.

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