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COM/140 CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONDIGIFAST in Riverview PlazaTutorials Included:WEEK 1: Final Project TopicWeek 4: Different Kinds of Messages CheckpointWeek 5: Persuasive Memo CheckpointWeek 7: Effective Presentations CheckpointWeek 9: Digifast PowerPoint Presentation with Speaker NotesQuestion:
Digital Story for COM 140 Final Project


While attending this class, you also work at DigiFast, a small company that creates and markets video games for educational and entertainment markets. DigiFast recently moved into River View Plaza, a four-story office building in Portland, Oregon.

Your task is to convince your colleagues, manager, the owner of DigiFast, and the building management company your service has great potential and would be useful for your company’s employees and others in the building. A committee of key individuals will make the decision to move forward . . . or not.

Your task is to choose a service you think would be useful for DigiFast and most employees in the building. Remember: The goal of the service is to increase efficiency of operations and/or keep the current employees happy. As you think about the argument you will ultimately present to the committee, consider the different needs and personalities of the five committee members you have to persuade. All of the committee members have to agree on your service. You also need to anticipate any objections they might have as well as ways you can overcome those objections.


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