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Before the invention of aircraft, people used to fly using balloons and gliders. On December 17, 1903, life changed after Orville and Wilbur Wright came up with the first powered flight. After four years of research, they invented a heavier than an air machine flight which took twelve seconds. Leo Delagrange was their first passenger who rode it from meadow outside Paris in 1908. In order to ensure the safety of the passenger, several laws were put in place which included Federal Aviation Act, which was passed on by the Congress to regulate air traffic through administrative agencies (Hingham, 2003). These laws are meant to govern maintenance of aviation facilities and operations in the sky. The Air Commerce Act is another law that was formed to provide the certification and registration of aircraft in foreign and domestic commerce.
The transition of aircraft started in 1914 when Glen Curtiss designed a plane that carried little undercarriage and could take off and land on water. This invention was a technological improvement as the plane two hours faster than a boat. Due to the Democratic landslide in an election of 1932, smaller airlines raised issues of being denied airmail contracts by Brown. The Congress, however, gave the complaints a deaf ear as he preferred the contract to be handed over to the Army. This poor decision making led to accidents as the Army pilots were unfamiliar with mail routes. It was until Second World War when Aviation industry picked up.
According to Sweetman (2002), due to demands of planes from a government, more powerful motors were created with speeds up to 1300 miles per hour. This speed was twice that of pre-war aircraft. American becoming a super power nation made it possible for the creation of larger aircraft. Because of increased accident in the planes, laws were created to protect the passengers. World War focused on making more military aircraft, and this was associated with bombing and aerial dogfights. These associations brought insecurity threats in the commercial aviation, and people fear to travel. Aviation accident law was created to cover air carrier and general aviation accidents. The kind of accidents covered included pilot error, faulty equipment, and negligence by Federal Air Traffic Controllers.
Airport security protocols have been created to protect the passenger, staffs and aircraft from accidents, threats, malicious harm and crimes. With increased terror attacks, such protocols like having to go through scanners are necessary as the staffs can identify those passengers with malicious motive (Hingham, 2003). Goods which are entering into cargo planes also need to be scanned to determine dangerous goods that could danger the lives of the pilots. In order to reduce the number of accidents in the aircraft, it is reasonable to pass through the airport security protocol as it is expected of us in order to help stop crimes worldwide.

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