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Paper -ARTS 181 Topic: Construction of the Colluessem. The paper should address the following about your selection Why you chose the work, why it interests you ,title. artist (if any), date, medium, and location of the artwork/object Description of the work’s formal qualities An analysis of the content of the artwork/object (the subject matter/ what it represents) Now research what others have said about the work by utilizing at least three (3) scholarly sources You may use books, journals, newspaper articles, etc. These should be written by art historians or regular historians, museums or reputable professional organizatons. To document the sources within the text of your paper and on a WORKS CITED page, use one of the style guides for writing MLA (Modem Language Associaton) Chicago Style use he writng resources have posted under DocShanng: Length 1200 words (approximately 3 pages) For writing guidelines, see the syllabus

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