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ue -1) Course Project Proposal (1-3 pages, properly cite any external sources used) Due on 11/5/2014 Wednesday 17:00 u.s time

Cover page

1. Subject of Course Project
2. Business problem statement
3. Name of the company or organization
4. Brief description of proposed solution
5. General benefits it will provide the organization

6. Audience to whom you are presenting the recommendation(s
Summary of Course Project Requirement
1. The proposal must be submitted and feedback received from the professor before beginning the project.
2. The project should follow the APA style of citing references in the text and on the bibliography page. No fewer than five references must be used for research and properly cited.
3. Credible reference sources are available and other sources.
4. The paper must be 3 page length, double spaced, using a size 12 standard business font, using 1 inch margins and topic headings listed for the format requirements.

5. The project is not copy and pest from other submitted project by student

Academic help online

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