Academic help online

Academic help online
1)The Title page should include the title of your paper, your naame, instructor’s name, course, college name, and the date you are turning the paper in.

2)Introductory remarks:
a) Tell what question you are going to answer! Quote it on the top of your first page of text, BEFORE your introductory remarks.
b) You should say up front, from the start, what your opinion (or your pretended opinion) is.

3) The main body of your paper will be your words defending your opinion using the many facts you’ve uncovered regarding your question.
4) Your conclusion might include such consideration as these:
a) how did your topic influenced American history, positively or negatively?
b) what do you think are the lessons to be learned from your topic?
c) how could we possibly apply those lessons in America today to improve life and conditions in the United States, the rest of the world, or our own individual families?
5) On a seperate page, give a Bibliography – a list of references – that you used in compiling this paper. That included on-line sources, books, papers, magazines, you name it…..

The Question is: No one should be able to fly the confederate flag. It should be outlawed!.. What do you think? and Why?
Be sure to demonstrate that these are you original thoughts and your opinions.

Academic help online

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