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Week three, I will be taking departmental exams all week and will not be holding section nor office hours. In lieu of section, I am asking that you submit a one page Reading Response. Your submission of this response counts towards your attendance points for section as well as points towards Reading Assignments as described in the section syllabus.

Here is the prompt:

Choose one of the three themes of the 20th century discussed in lecture (inclusion/exclusion, tradition and change, clashing versions of progress) and discuss how it is present in any one of the chapters that have been assigned in the Jack Johnson reading (Chapters 1-4). What evidence of the theme you have chosen can be found in the chapter you have selected? Be sure to define the theme as discussed in lecture.

What is required for the Critical Reading Assignment?

It is due next Friday 4/15, by 12am.
Answer the prompt and include at least 2 references to the readings with specific page numbers. For this assignment, please cite the quote with parenthetical citations. For example, “Quote” (Runstedtler, page #).
The response must be a typed, double-spaced, one page response with 1″ margins and 12-point font. Address the question in a 250-300 word response.

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