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A policy of Romanization was applied by Rome in conquered territories. Even in the case of the Hellenist East, where higher cultural standards had been attained, Rome actively pursued its Romanization policy.

Proceed to construct a narrative whereby Roman ‘ideals’ are gradually imposed on the conquered territories of northern Europe and the states of the Hellenistic east. In building your narrative, first describe what these ideals were. Then describe the administrative, lingual, cultural, financial and political aspects of the Romanization process. Conclude your narrative with the possible advantages and disadvantages of the Romanization process for the conquered people.


Essays are extensive informed views but not research papers. An informed view differs from an opinion in that it relies on views that have preceded its quest. A view becomes ‘informed’ when it incorporates into its argumentation process the views of others. An essay begins by describing the issue of its concern. It continues by stating what others have written or said about that particular issue of concern. It concludes by proposing an original or unique idea on the matter and by building an argument in support of that idea.

Essays, in this course, need to be within context. By context it is meant the exact bounds set by the essay question or subject matter; staying within bounds means, staying within context.

Essays, in this course, should not exceed a 1000 word mark. For an essay to be well structured, in this course, it should not count less than 800 words.

An essay, in this course, does not require foot notes or bibliography, although ALL material included in the essay that does ‘belong’ to the Essay’s author should be presented in a full citation (Chicago, Harvard or Associate Press citation methodology is accepted). Also, at the end of the Essay, all sources used by the author should be alphabetically listed under a “Sources” heading.

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