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Your goal for this project is to engage in the approaches to history pertaining to the topic. That is, you are expected to both describe your subject (in other words, the “who,” “what,” “when,” and “where”), and to anaylze your subject and describe the reasons why it is considered to be important (in other words, seek answers to the “why” and “how” questions).

You are to write between 8-10 pages (approximately 2000 words) on a topic that deals with a person, place, event, movement, or other approved subject pertaining to the period of American history covered in this class (1860-Present). The finished paper must be turned in on typewritten paper, double-spaced, using a 12-point font with one-inch margins. Any photos, charts, or maps you use do not count as one of the required pages, not does a title page or the bibliography. The ranges of sources you use will factor into your grade. In other words, you’ll score more points if you show that you’ve looked at books, essays, journals and primary sources than you will if you use web sources alone. Include your name, the date submitted, and the title of your paper at the top of the first page. You must include a bibliography and regular in-text citations. If you don’t know what either of these coditions mean, we should talk to clarify. Watch spelling and grammar! Get someone to proofread your paper before you turn it in. Make sure that you underline your thesis statement where it apprears in the body of the text of your essay.

Description/Explanation of Topic
-Have you considered the basics: who, what, when, and where? What is your topic? Is it clear that you have a grasp of the topic and its overall relevance in the larger context of U.S. history? Who are the key individuals and groups related to your topic? Who are they key individuals and groups related to your topic? Have you considered all of the iindividuals and groups you need to in order to adequately explain your topic? Where does your topic play out, whether geographically, or socially (domestic, private, publice, etc.) Are you describing the topic in chronological order, if not at least in clear fashion?

Analysis of Topic
– Do you have a thesis statement that argues a point and which is supported by creidble evidence? Do you use available primary sources? What does your topuc tell us about the larger themes of American history? How does your topic shed light on those larger themes? Why is the topic of interest to you, and to the rest of of us, today? Are you analyzing or repeating information?

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