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Quiz 1 (Week 2) ” for MILS121 B001 Spr 16
This quiz is on the required reading from this week. You have ONE chance to take this quiz. Please do not open it until you are ready to take the quiz. You will have 2 hours to take the exam. Feedback will be sent out after everyone has taken the quiz, Good luck!
This assessment is due Sunday, 2016-Apr-17 11:59 PM.

Once you click “Begin Assessment,” you will have 2 hours, 0 minutes to complete this assessment. It will be submitted when that time has expired, regardless of whether you have answered all the questions. For each attempt, you will not be able to exit and return at a later time to complete what you have started.

You can submit this assessment 1 time(s). Your highest score will be recorded.

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