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Contemporary theatre, both commercial and non-commercial, has seen a huge increase in diversity — diversity among playwrights and their plays, actors, directors, designers and theatre practitioners. Diverse artists have always shown themselves to be an integral part of theatre and theatre history, but, now in contemporary theatre, they are sometimes referred to “artists of a diverse background” instead of just theatreartists.
These artists come from a selection of groups, cultures and categories including, but not limited by:
§ Gender Specific
§ Native American
§ Hispanic
§ African-American
§ Asian-American
§ Gay and Lesbian
This assignment requires you to
§ select one person (playwright, actor, designer, etc.) from the groups listed above
§ explore, prepare and discuss his or her historical, social and cultural importance to what we call “diverse contemporary theatre” today
Normal guidelines for written assignments should be followed — this assignment should be typed and proofread (3-4 pages in length). Think originality and creativity – images, graphics, video links, etc. are always encouraged to help tell describe your comparison. Some additional research may be needed (remember to document your sources in a bibliography). Early submissions are always accepted. Please be aware of spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, etc. This assignment will be graded according to the Written Assignment #3 Rubric (attached). Any format (Word, PDF, Powerpoint, audio/video) will be accepted, as long as it can be opened.

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