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1. In a post-industrial America, wherein the job market is on a steady decline, what are some of the
institutional/systemic disadvantages, suffered by racialized groups, primarily Blacks and Hispanics,
in America? Be detailed…I am not interested in generalities…include Kozol (environmental racism,
the ends of a long process of structural inequality), Alexander (the war on drugs, mass incarceration
and their deep racial dimention), and the discussions that we had on controlling narrative and
representational production.

2. When thinking about the education and future livelyhood of Black children, in Camden, in Detroit, in
East St. Louis, in Newark, existentially (and religiously) one of course never detracts free will and
responsibility from the individuals most intimately involved, yet when thinking about society, other
actors, factors, must be given responsibility…Who are they, what are their roles in the formation,
education, and realization of said youth…be detailed…don’t only deal with Kozol, broken streets and
broken schools, be holistic, include all the agents/actors that Alexander focuses on and brings into
the equation, also consider (again) the role of media (and the control of media)

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