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Policy and State Boards of Nursing
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Within the far-reaching and multi-layered realm of policy and reform, government at the state level plays an essential role. Consider the federally enacted PPACA’s individual mandate which sought to increase the number of consumers who receive insurance coverage and, therefore, greater access to care. In a system that is already stretched beyond capacity and confronting a nursing shortage, how can the health care system meet this increased demand? Since state boards of nursing determine the scope of practice, it is important to stay up to date and current with the policies and regulations that are created by the state board of nursing.

To prepare:
· Review the Thomas, Benbow, and Ayars article and the Watson and Hillman article focusing on how states regulate advanced nursing practice and how legislative changes are impacting the scope of practice.
· Attached

· Visit your state board of nursing website and/or contact the board to determine how the state board controls advanced practice through regulations.
· Determine if your state board has created any new policies or regulations that address changes to the scope of practice in response to legislative changes.
By Day 3 post a cohesive response that addresses the following:
What are the most recent regulations promulgated by your state board of nursing for advanced practice?

· · How are the state regulations supported within your place of employment?
I work in a hospital, NICU a Kaiser facility in CA
· How do the states differ regarding the scope of practice? What impact does this have on professional nurses across the United States?

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