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Week 3 is part two of the two-part assignment, which includes a discussion on operations planning. Create an analysis between 1,200 to 1,500 words Note: Concepts and applications for the assignment must be directly integrated and referenced from weekly course material. External references for concepts and applications presented within the weekly reading not accepted. Exception: Peer Reviewed Journal Articles and Company websites.

Requirement 1: Discuss Sales and Operations Planning: Discussing relationship between Sales, Operations Planning, and the development of an Aggregated Operations Plan discussed within Chapter 16. Requirement 2: Discussed Demand Management and the importance of Forecasting to support Demand Management. Support discussion by applying the appropriate Quantitative support metrics provided within Chapter 15. Requirement 3: Discuss Materials Resource Planning and Inventory Control and their relationships to constructing a Master Production Schedule (MPS) that aligns with the Materials Resource Plan (MRP) discussed within Chapter 18. Requirement 4: Discuss the validity of applying the various operational structures within a real-world work environment.

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