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Tim, Al, and Pat contributed assets to form the equal TAP Partnership. Tim contributed cash of $40,000 and land with a basis of $80,000 (fair market value of $60,000). Al contributed cash of $60,000 and land with a basis of $50,000 (fair market value of $40,000). Pat contributed cash of $60,000 and a fully depreciated property ($0 basis) valued at $40,000. Which of the following tax treatments is not correct?
A.Tim’s basis in his partnership interest is $120,000.
B.Al realizes and recognizes a loss of $10,000.
C.Pat realizes a gain of $40,000 but recognizes $0 gain.
D.TAP has a basis of $80,000, $50,000, and $0 in the land and property (excluding cash) contributed by Tim, Al, and Pat, respectively.
E.All of these statement are correct.

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