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For this assignment, you will test a hypothesis, run a one-tailed analysis of a dataset using chi-square, and describe your chi-square results. Complete the following:
Open Andy Field’s file that you downloaded for your Unit1 assignment from the companion Web site for your Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics text.
Load the SPSS file Sage Editors Can’t Play Football.sav.
Test the null hypothesis that number of goals scored by editors is more than those scored by Sussex people.
Run the one-tailed analysis using chi-square.
Check the assumptions for chi-square.
Write the results using APA sixth edition style guidelines.
Compare your results with Smart Alex’s Answers for Task 8 of Chapter 18 on the companion Web site of your Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics text (given in the resources).
Write one sentence describing the chi-square results of the test in APA sixth edition style in the comment box.

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