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Each team develops a decision process for General Motors, which is considering the development of a new sports car to enhance the company’s long-term competitiveness. You should also discuss how the new investment opportunity should be financed. The assignment should be submitted no later than Sunday March 15.
You should identify the major competitive issues facing General Motors, such as the nature of competition in the industry, the changing demands of its customers, and any regulatory or environmental issues facing the company.
You should discuss how these factors would be incorporated into the decision process. Assume that the company plans to build the car in the U.S. You do not have to do any numerical analysis, but you should discuss how you would set up a discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis (e.g., NPV or IRR) to analyze this investment opportunity. You would discuss the major components of the DCF model to include a discussion of the revenue and costs, the required rate of return and the length of the investment period.
Your discussion should also include how the General Motors might finance the investment opportunity. Would it be with equity financing, debt financing, or perhaps cash? You should discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the method selected as well as the reasons the other financing methods were rejected.
Your analysis should be organized as follows:
(1) Create a section titled “Overview” and provide a brief overview of General Motors and its industry. Discuss how the investment opportunity could enhance the company’s competitiveness.
(2) Create a section titled “Valuing the Investment Opportunity” and discuss the valuation model chosen and how the model would be applied to the investment opportunity.
(3) Create a section titled “Financing the Investment Opportunity” and discuss the best method of financing the investment opportunity.
Each member of the team is expected to make a meaningful contribution to the overall analysis. It is recommended that a different member take the lead for each of the three topics.
The grading rubric for this conference activity is as follows:
Clarity of discussion in each section (60%)
Identification and explanation of assumptions (30%)
Appropriate spelling, punctuation, grammar, and APA formatting (10%)

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