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Assignment 2

You work for a small computer reseller located in the Southeast United States. The company started 2 years ago and has experienced steady growth, which has prompted the company to relocate to a larger space. The network design in the old location did not provide for centralized management of resources and provided no logical separation for resources. The desired design will require each user to use a single username and password to access resources.

In 3–4 paragraphs, complete the following:

•Identify an NOS that can be implemented to achieve this requirement.

•Do you think this implementation could improve overall network and resource management?

•Why or why not?

•What would be an alternative configuration?

•Which configuration do you like best, and why?

Assignment 3

Your senior network architect suddenly left the company that you work for, and you are left alone with your manager and 3 help desk support staff who you are not too familiar with the network operation of the organization. You had just started with the company a week prior to her departure, and as a result, you did not have enough time to learn the environment with her. You heard your manager talking about the DMZ but you are not sure what it means and what its purpose is. You want to be ready to assist, so you are trying to write new terms down and research as soon as you can. He wants to deploy a new service in the DMZ, so you want to be ready.

•Research the meaning of the term DMZ, and discuss its purpose in a network.

•Provide an example of a DMZ.

•Do you think the deployment of a DMZ helps to improve security of the network?

•Why or Why not?

Assignment 4

You are the new network administrator for a small hospital in your local city. Network availability and security are essential to the operating environment and are essential at all times.

In 3–5 paragraphs, complete the following:

•Research and discuss a network analysis tool that can be used to reduce risks of network outages.
•Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using your proposed tool.

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