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need hel[p with this assignment by tomorrow i jus need two charts drawn and i need them tonight or by tomorrow morning at least and i also have another assignment if interested will pay a extra bonus for tht also

Susan Park has completed a preliminary investigation and performed the fact-finding tasks that were described in Chapters 2 and 4. Now, she will use the results to develop a logical model of the proposed information system. Before you perform the following tasks, you should review the information provided in Chapters and 4 of the case.

1. Prepare a context diagram for the new system.
2. Prepare a diagram 0 DFD for the new system.

and heres the second assignment

Personal Trainer, Inc. owns and operates fitness centers in a dozen Midwestern cities. The centers have done well, and the company is planning an international expansion by opening a new “supercenter” in the Toronto area. Personal Trainer’s president, Cassia Umi, hired an IT consultant, Susan Park, to help develop an information system for the new facility. During the project, Susan will work closely with Gray Lewis, who will manage the new operation.

Working as an IT consultant for Personal Trainer, Susan Park used data and process modeling tools to create a logical model of the proposed information system. Now she wants to build an object-oriented view of the system using O-O tools and techniques.

1. Identify possible actors and use cases involved in Personal Trainer’s operations.
2. Create an object relationship diagram for the Personal Trainer information system.

3. Create a use case diagram for one of the use cases.

4. Select one of the use cases and create a state transition diagram.

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