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Mark parks his car outside his house. He opens the car door without looking to see if anyone is in the road, and opens the car door into Amy, who is riding her bicycle. She is knocked into the path of an oncoming car, being driven by Alan. Alan manages to swerve to avoid Amy, but in doing so, he crashes into a wall. He suffers minor physical injuries only as the collision with the wall was at a relatively low speed, butan hour later, he has a heart attack and dies. The autopsy reveals that, unknown to Alan, he suffered from a heart condition and the stress of the crash caused this condition to exacerbate, causing Alan’s death. Ross, a passer-by, witnesses the crash and, seeing Alan in a confused state following the crash, reaches into Alan’s car and steals Alan’s laptop.
Following the accident, Amy is suffering from pain in her left leg. She goes to the hospital and is told by her attending doctor, Debbie, that she is suffering from a pulled muscle. A week later, Amy goes back to the hospital as the pain has become worse and has spread to her foot. It is discovered that Debbie has sustained severe and permanent damage to the tendons in her leg and to the bones in her foot. Had these injuries been discovered at Amy’s first visit, they could likely have been treated and Amy would have made a full recovery. Amy now needs to walk with the aid of a stick, and will do so for the rest of her life.
Amy and Alan are seeking your advice regarding obtaining compensation for the losses they have sustained.

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