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CIS3008 IT Service Management 2015 Sem 1 Major Assignment 1Important informationThis assignment must be your own work. It is acceptable to discuss course content withothers to improve your understanding and clarify requirements, but solutions to assignmentquestions must be done on your own. You must not copy from anyone, including tutors andfellow students, nor allow others to copy your work. All Assignments will be checkedusing collusion monitoring tools to ensure that each assignment is the original work of thesubmitting student. Assignments that do not adhere to this requirement will be deemed asbeing the result of collusion or plagiarism. This may lead to severe academic penalties asoutlined in USQ Policy Library: Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure. It is your ownresponsibility to ensure the integrity of your work. Refer to the USQ Policy Library for moredetails:• Academic Integrity Policy• Academic Integrity ProcedurePlease note that:The following is the USQ Assessment – Assignment (Late Submission) and Compassionateand Compelling Circumstances procedure that relate to Extensions and Late Assignments.They can be found under the following links:• Assessment – Assignment (Late Submission) Procedure:• Assessment of Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances Procedures: seeking extensions for any Assignment work must provide appropriatedocumentation to support their request before the due date of the assignment (see points4.3 and 4.4 in the Assessment of Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances Proceduresabove to see what is considered as Compassionate and Compelling reason for an extensionand the level of documentation that will be needed).An Assignment submitted after the due date without an approved extension of time will bepenalised. The penalty for late submission is a reduction by five percent (5%) of themaximum Mark applicable for the Assignment, for each University Business Day or partBusiness Day that the Assignment is late. An Assignment submitted more than ten (10)University Business Days after the due date will have a Mark of zero recorded for thatAssignment.• The StudyDesk Assignments submission tool will accept late assignments upuntil 23:55pm on the 10th University Business Day after the due date.CIS3008 IT Service Management 2015 Sem 1 Major Assignment 2Assignment 3Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due dateAssignment 3Word count: 3000–4000 words100 30 18 May 2015This assignment specifically addresses four of the learning objectives of the course:? LO1: demonstrate a critical awareness of the importance of IT service management andthe need for organisations to ensure that effective processes are in place to manage thesignificant investment in IT infrastructure? LO2: demonstrate an awareness of the nature and contribution of the IT InfrastructureLibrary (ITIL) and ISO/IEC 20000 in providing good practice frameworks for IT servicemanagement? LO3: demonstrate the capacity to comprehend and evaluate the objectives, activities andassociated roles and responsibilities to enable effective planning, management andimprovement of IT service processes.? LO4: apply the international standard for IT service management to case studiesincluding the IT service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation andcontinual service improvement.Students are encouraged to work in teams to complete the assignment as teamwork is animportant skill required by industry. You may choose to work alone. If you opt to work as ateam, the same marks will be awarded to both students. No team can exceed more than twostudents. It is up to you to find a team-mate and this can usually be achieved through arequest on the Study Desk.Submit only one assignment if you elect to work as a team to complete this assignment.Note that marks will be awarded on the basis of the student name(s) and student number(s)that appear in the file name and in the report introduction.RequirementsTwo articles are provided on Vodafone Ireland’s IT Group.For the purpose of this assignment, assume the role of consultant(s) who have been hired byVodafone Ireland to contribute to a review of IT Service Management at Vodafone Ireland.You will prepare a report for Mr Shane Gaffney, Head of IT Operations at Vodafone Ireland.Refer to the marking criteria for details of mark allocations.Note: the word count does not include letter of transmittal, executive summary,references or appendices.CIS3008 IT Service Management 2015 Sem 1USQ has a licence for Turnitin software. This online software enables students to check theirassignment prior to submission. I encourage all students to use this facility to avoidallegations of academic misconduct from unintentional plagiarism from internet sources.Referencing requirements for assignment 3References are required and the Harvard AGPS standard of referencing must be used.Plagiarism, collusion and cheating will be severely penalised.Ensure that your reports are fully referenced, including any reference to the text should include in-text referencesAnother useful link on referencing is from USQ’s Library site:information from other sources such as the textt Any references to web pages and online(5%) and introduction (5%)r Vodafone Ireland to have effective processes in place to3Yourformation – youssesCIS3008 IT Service Management 2015 Sem 1 Major Assignment 4Part 2. Service Strategy 20%Many organisations manage their IT services at an operational level without a clear strategicfocus. Consider the processes comprising the ITIL service strategy phase. Which of theseprocesses have been implemented at Vodafone Ireland? Do you consider that VodafoneIreland could make improvements to its IT service strategy processes?Part 3. Service Design 20%Gaffney refers to the Service Model. Consider the ITIL service design phase and discuss howthe service design processes could contribute to the service model. Based on the case, whichof the service design processes are of the highest priority for Vodafone? Justify yourselection.Part 4. ISO/IEC 20000 Certification 15%Vodafone Ireland is now considering ISO/IEC 20000 certification. Mr Gaffney has asked youto advise on the decision. Provide a brief of why Vodafone Ireland should or should not seekcertification for ISO/IEC20000. Identify the benefits and drawbacks of certification.Part 5. Conclusions and Recommendations to the Head IT Operations 10%Provide a summary of your findings and make recommendations to the Head IT Operations.Case studyNote that there are two documents to read for this assignment.Vendors such as HP use publish case studies to promote their products.Vodafone Ireland implements world-class service excellence with HP BSMSource: 11/02/2015Case Study: Vodafone Ireland IT Group Sees Huge ROISource: retrieved 11/02/2015NOTE: ITIL® is a registered trademark of Axelos Limited.CIS3008 IT Service Management 2015 Sem 1 Major Assignment 5© University of Southern QueenslandCriterion HD A B C FMaxMarksActivity/Task A: Journal (10%)Journal Compelling and wellstructuredaccount.Activities clearlydescribed. Initiativeclearly demonstrated.Reference list providedand correctly formatted.Good structure andcomprehensiveaccount of activitiesReferencingcompliant withHarvard AGPSreferencing methodwith some minorlapses.Adequate structureand account ofactivitiesMinor errors inreferencing method.Adequatestructure butlimited descriptionof activities.Limited referencesprovided and/orpoorly formattedreference list.Poor structureand/orinadequate list ofactivities.Incoherentaccount.Lack ofreference list orpoorly formattedreferences.10%Activity/Task B: Report structure & presentation (5%)Presentationof reportProfessionalpresentation of materialresulting in clarity ofmessage andinformation.Professional appearanceof title page andaccurate table ofcontents.Carefully andlogically organised.Title page and tableof contents clear andaccurate.Shows organisationand coherence.Adequate title pageand table ofcontents.Shows someattempt toorganise in alogical manner.Some flaws in titlepage and/or tableof contents.Disorganised/incoherent.Poor formatting,or missing titlepage, table ofcontents.5%Appendices are clearlylabelled and referenced.Appendices used toprovide appropriatesupporting materialAdequate use ofappendices toimprove reportreadability.Appendices not clearly identified orreferenced.Excellent clarity ofexpression. Grammarand spelling accurate.Referencing fullycompliant with HarvardAGPS referencingmethod.Wide range ofappropriate sourcesappropriately analysed,applied and discussed.Expression fluent.Grammar andspelling accurate.Referencingcompliant withHarvard AGPSreferencing methodwith some minorlapses.Variety ofappropriate sourcesappropriatelyanalysed, appliedand discussed.Grammar andspelling mainlyaccurate.Most sources arereferenced. Minorerrors in referencingmethod.Clear evidence ofresearch andapplication oftextbook concepts.Grammar and/orspelling containserrors.Gaps inreferencing anderrors in in-textreferences orreference list.References areused in a purelydescriptive wayindicatinglimitations ofunderstanding.Frequentmistakes ingrammar and/orspelling.Unsatisfactoryreferencing. Fewor no referencesor inconsistentreferencemethod.No evidence ofresearch orirrelevantsources cited.Clear and concise letterof transmittal, executivesummary, suitable toneand style for SeniorManager.Format suitableSenior Managerexcept for minorlapses in audiencefocus.At times language isunclear and/orunsuitable forSenior Manageraudience.Language ispoorly executed oruses too muchjargon.Lacks letter oftransmittal orexecutivesummary. Stylenot appropriatefor SeniorManager.CIS3008 IT Service Management 2015 Sem 1 Major Assignment 6© University of Southern QueenslandCriterion HD A B C FMaxMarksActivity/Task Introduction (5%)Attention topurposeClearly introduces thecompany and report.Has addressed thepurpose of theassignmentcomprehensively.Reasonable detailsof company andreport.Has addressed thepurpose of theassignmentcoherently.Basic facts oncompany andreport.Addressed the mainpurpose of theassignment.Some aimsidentified.Lacks vitalinformationabout thecompany andreport.Fails to addressthe purpose ofthe assignment.5%Activity/Task B1: Importance of ITSM (15%)Explainimportance ofITSM and ITservicesProvides excellentdescription ofimportance of ITSM andIT services at Vodafone.Clearly describesimportance of ITSMand IT services atVodafone.Adequatedescription ofimportance ofITSM and ITservices atVodafone.Limiteddescription ofimportance ofITSM and ITservices atVodafone.Incomplete orinappropriatedescription ofimportance ofITSM and ITservices atVodafone.15%B2: IT Service Strategy (20%)ITIL strategicprocessesimplementedat VodafoneProvides excellentanalysis of strategicITSM processes atVodafoneClear analysis ofstrategic ITSMprocesses atVodafoneAdequate analysisof strategic ITSMprocesses atVodafoneLimiteddescription ofstrategic ITSMprocesses atVodafoneIncompleteanalysis ofstrategic ITSMprocesses atVodafone.10%Improvementsto IT servicestrategyprocessesDemonstrates excellentcritical awareness andability to apply ITILframework to case.Good criticalawareness andability to apply ITILframework to case.Adequate criticalawareness andability to apply ITILframework to case.Limited criticalawareness andability to applyITIL framework tocase.Poor level ofcriticalawareness andability to applyITIL frameworkto case.10%B3: IT Service Design (20%)Discusscontributionof IT servicedesign phase.Demonstratessophisticatedunderstanding of ITservice design phase.Comprehensiveunderstanding of ITservice designprocesses.Adequateunderstanding of ITservice designprocesses.Limitedunderstanding ofIT service designprocesses.Inadequateunderstanding ofIT service designphase.15%Discuss mostimportantservice designprocesses.Demonstratessophisticatedunderstanding of role ofservice designprocesses.Comprehensiveunderstanding ofrole of servicedesign processesAdequateunderstanding ofrole of servicedesign processes.Limitedunderstanding ofrole of I servicedesign processes.Inadequateunderstanding ofrole of servicedesignprocesses.5%Activity/Task B4: ISO/IEC 20000 (15%)Understanding of ISO/IEC20000Demonstratessophisticated ability toreflect on the value ofISO/IEC 20000.Provides a goodevaluation ofISO/IEC 20000.Providessatisfactoryevaluation ofISO/IEC 20000.Provides limitedevaluation ofISO/IEC 20000.Inappropriate ormissingevaluation ofISO/IEC 20000.15%Activity/Task B5: Conclusion and Recommendations (10%)ConclusionsandrecommendationsClear conclusions andrecommendations wellgroundedin materialpresented demonstratinginsights into ITSMconcepts.Good developmentshown inconclusions andrecommendations.Adequatedevelopment shownin conclusions andrecommendations.Limitedconclusions andrecommendationsdo not build onanalysis.Conclusions andrecommendations not drawn frommaterial.10%Total 100%

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