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This assignment is due on May 5,2013 by 11:30 PM CST 2. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ON THIS ASSIGNMENT. PLAGIARISM ON ANY PART OF THIS ASSIGNMENT WILL RESULT IN A ZERO FOR THE ASSIGNMENT. DO YOUR OWN WORK! 3. I will deduct for spelling and grammar mistakes if the mistakes are egregious. 4. Use single spaced, Times New Roman, 11 or 12. 5. You must submit your assignment as an attachment and on a Word document. It is your responsibility to submit the assignments in this manner. It is a zero if I cannot open the document. NO EXCEPTIONS! 6. Cover page is unnecessary. 7. Page numbers can be placed anywhere on page…be consistent. 8. You do not have to rewrite the questions. 9. Please use citations for direct quotations. For example, Dr.Olivares’ thesis contradicts “ his other assertions as stated in article.” (Looming Tower, 55) **** ALL OF YOUR ANSWERS MUST AT A MINIMUM BE ½ PAGE SINGLE SPACE. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE MAXIMUM. LENGTH. I WILL DEDUCT IF YOUR ANSWERS ARE NOT THE MINIMUM. SUCCESSFUL ANSWERS ARE LONGER RATHER THAN SHORT*** 1. Critically evaluate the main argument or arguments in the book. Does Wright?s basic argument about what Al Qaeda is, who Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri and other characters are and how Al Qaeda developed present a fair and accurate depiction? If no, explain why and what you believe is a more accurate depiction. Stay analytical and back up your points with evidence. 2. Use the book to outline a strategy for confronting Al Qaeda. Does the picture developed of Al Qaeda in the book suggest that the US should use a military approach, policing, diplomacy, cultural engagement? Something else? Use some specific ideas or examples to buttress your argument. 3. Tie the book to one or more of the topics we discuss in class. Does the story confirm or contradict what scholars have found regarding the relationship between poverty and terrorism, human rights abuses and terrorism, terrorist group organization and behavior, etc? Explain 4. Describe the relationship between Ayman al-Zawahiri. and Osama Bin Laden. Use examples from the book.What does Zawahiri offer to Bin Laden that Osama really needs. 5. Who is the “Martyr”? Explain why 6. Who is John O’Neill? Why is he relevant to the narrative of the book? 7. What does the title of the book refer to? Be specific. 8. Explain how Wright believes that Sayyid Qutb is an important figure in the history of AlQueda. 9. Discuss one thing that you learned about the Afghanistan and Al Queda link. 10. Discuss how Wright views Jihadism 11.Discuss the major ideological conflicts within Islam, per the book 12.Who is Ali Sufan and why are his ideas important for Wrights book 13.Of all of the characters in this book, who do you like AND dislike the most? Explain 14.Have your views of 9/11 changed after reading this book? Explain 15.What makes Lawrence Wright an expert in discussing this topic (You can use outside sources. Please cite) 16. If you had the opportunity to ask Osama Bin Laden one question, what would that question be? Explain why you chose that question.

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