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The audit of the revenue cycle accounts of Acco, Inc. has been planned with a low preliminary assessment of control risk related to each of the relevant assertions. A sample of sales transactions was selected for testing. Each of the following types of control or transaction processing deficiencies uncovered in the sample was significant enough to cause the auditor to increase control risk assessment from low to moderate. For each deficiency (labeled as a. though i. below) discuss the type of financial statement misstatement that may result, the assertion(s) affected, and the effect on the nature, timing, and/or extent of related substantive tests. Each type of deficiency should be considered independently from the others.
a. No evidence that price and quantity on the invoice were compared with the supporting documents b. Failure to approve customer credit before shipping the merchandise on open account
c. Recording sales before they were shipped
d. Recording sales several days after they should have been recorded
e. Recording sales several days before and several days after they should have been recorded
f. Lack of customer orders; items were shipped
g. Lack of shipping documents; customer order was found
h. Incorrect invoice price
i. Quantity shipped differed from the quantity billed

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