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Consumer Behavior
Assignment 2
There are many individual factors that can influence the behaviour of consumers (needs, motivations, personality, consumer perception, learning, and involvement and consumer attitudes).
You are required to identify at least two individual influences that are relevant to the consumers of your firm or the firm you intend to work for (choose one product/service from that firm). Discuss, specifically to your firm, how these two individual influences (consumers needs, motivations, personality, consumer perception, learning, involvement and consumer attitudes) impact on the consumer purchase decision.
In this section ensure that you address two individual concepts (eg perception, or motivation, and or personality etc) relative to how a person consumes products/services. Consider how these influences may impact and relate to the consumer decision making process. Where possible align it to various stages of the consumer decision making process (eg need recognition, information search, evaluation, purchase & post-purchase behaviour (cognitive dissonance).
Consider how these two individual influences can be used to improve/enhance your firm’s marketing strategy (eg relative to the 4 p’s, segmentation, and targeting, positioning and other marketing related strategy).
In one easy sentence:
The overall object of the assignment is to address two individual influences and how these impact on the consumer decision making process (in general) and then how these two individual influences can improve or enhance the organisations marketing strategy

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