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Mike Moore’s microbrewery is considering production of a new ale called Mike’s Honey Harvest Brew. To produce this new offering he is considering two independent projects. Each of these projects has two mutually exclusive alternatives and each alternative has a useful life of 10 years and no salvage value. Mike’s MARR is 8%. Information regarding the projects and alternatives are given in the following table: Use incremental rate of return analysis to complete the following worksheet.
Proj /Alt Cost, P Benefit, A AlP, i, 10 IRR
1A$ 5,000 $1192 0.2385 20%
IB-IA 5,000 800 0.1601
2A 15,000 3337
2B-2A 10,000
Use this information to determine:
(a) Which projects should be funded if only $15,000 is available
(b) The cutoff rate of return if only $15,000 is available.
(c) Which projects should be funded if $25,000 is available

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