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4 page writing assignment.
Run Profile,Rocket Start Time (s),Parachute Deployment Time (s) 1,8,45 2,12,45 3,16,45 4,8,50 5,12,50 6,16,50 7,8,55 8,12,55 9,16,55
These are 9 run profiles.
Run Profiles are controlled by the following parameters:
· Rocket start time
· Chute opening time

The constraints on the World Speed Record attempt must all be satisfied:
· Must achieve 1000mph for a duration of at least 1 mile
· Total distance travelled must be less than 10 miles
· G-force experienced by Andy Green to be no more than 3.5G

In the introduction, using the following link write 2 pages that

· Gives a summary of the Bloodhound Project (look at
· What are your suggestions for run profiles and why?
· Where is the world record attempt taking place?
· What parameters are you looking at (g-force, CO2 etc.)
· Why look at these parameters? Why are they important?

Then write 2 more pages in the discussion dicusssing the following points:

· What is the effect of delaying the rocket start time and chute deployment time?
· Maximising chance of achieving 1000mph – What are your recommendations for rocket start time and parachute deployment time?
· Driver Safety in the Bloodhound SSC – what are the factors influencing driver safety?
· What is the environmental impact of the Bloodhound SSC?

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