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You operate the only fast-food restaurant in town, selling burgers and fries. There are only two customers, one of whom is on the Atkins diet and the other on the Zone diet, whose willingness to pay for each item is displayed in the following table. For simplicity, assume you have zero fixed and marginal costs for each item.

a) If x = 1 and you do not bundle the two products, what are your profit-maximizing prices PB and PF? Calculate total surplus under this outcome.
b) Now assume only that x + 0. Instead, suppose that you hired an economist who tells you that the profit-maximizing bundle price (for a burger and fries) is $8, while if you sold the items individually (and did not offer a bundle) your profit-maximizing price for fries would be greater than $3. Using this information, what is the range of possible values for x?

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